A few days ago, I came home to a smelly house. I had left something nasty in the trash bin and was regretting it. I got rid of it immediately, but the entire house was still smelling the same. That one smells turns the house into a nightmare.


I had already known some Cleaning Hacks, but I did my research and some experiment for myself and found these, which works fantastic.


1 Car air freshener

Place a clip-on air freshener for your car onto the vents in your house. It works amazingly if you put it on  3 to 4 vents.



2 Using a Crock-pot

Get rid of the smells in your kitchen with the crock-pot hack.


What you will need


Baking soda, three tablespoons

The Instructions.

Pour water into the crock-pot you are going to use.

Add baking soda.


Plug it in and turn to low the Little Dipper, and some of the small ones don’t have settings, they just plugin).

Keep the lid off.

Let the baking soda do the job of soaking up unpleasant odors.

If you would prefer to use the crock-pot as an air freshener, fill with water, and add:

Drops of essential oil
Two teaspoons of vanilla or other desired extract
the ground cinnamon, and cloves
a cinnamon stick
slices of lemon


3 Vanilla Extract

So your house doesn’t smell that nice, and you have a guest coming over. You might not clear the smell up in time by doing other things,

but this method won’t be forever, too, but in no time, you can improve your home scent by burning some vanilla extract.

I found this out when I was baking, and that vanilla extract scent just hit me, and I said how I could make my house smell like this.

By placing three caps full of vanilla extract in a coffee cup, then putting it in the oven at 250 degrees for about one hour. The smell will start to spread after around twenty minutes and take over the entire house.

This will last for nearly a day and a half. Even though this isn’t permanent, it will remove a bad smell or if you want to make your house smell a little extra sweet.


4  Essential Oils

Another quick and easy way to improve the smells in your home is with essential oils. Just fill a small spray bottle with water, a bit of baking soda, and your favorite essential oil, then Shake well and use it as a refreshing fabric spray.

Lavender is a natural choice because of it’s calming properties, but citrus oils like lemon, tangerine are great as well. You can buy the one that is already mixed. For example, the lemon flavor.


Things you need

Spray bottle–If you buy the already mix flavor when that finishes, reuse the container with this method.[Make sure The Bottle Can Withstand Warm Water]

Essential oil

1 tbsp baking soda

Distilled Water heated.





Add the baking soda to the spray bottle, then fill it up with warm distilled water. The heat from the water will dissolve the baking soda.

Add ten drops of the essential oil of your liking to the water of the baking soda and then shake it well.Use as you desire as an air freshener for fabric.

7 Dryer Sheet

Place a dryer sheet in each place that you smell an odor coming from. The dryer sheet will absorb some of the odor; adding a few drops of essential oil to the sheets itself will boost the scent of it.

Even if your house doesn’t have a smell and you want to add a little flavor to it, place the dryer sheet with few drops of essential oil on it under your couch and other places that you won’t be able to see it. You will always have a lovely smelling house.






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