Most of us have blinds at home, but there is no quicker or more effective way to switch from natural light and back to privacy. With just twisting the wrist, the whole room lights up. Every house in the U.S.A has blinds, from the smallest to the biggest. Yes, we have curtains, but their decorations to make our home look more attractive.


Blinds will build up dust over time, and they can be pretty hard to clean.Its time consuming and sometimes when you’re done, you still find dust on then and just give up.


With this hack, you can clean them hassle-free, and eventually, you will realize that this is the only hack you will ever need, so let’s do this.


What you will need


*Two Microfiber cloth 

*Four rubber band



Wrap your dust cloths around each side of your tongs and secure with two rubber bands apiece. Make sure that the small side of the dust cloth faces in, and the seams are on the side or back for the most effective dusting.



Then clasp your tongs around each individual blind and just go from left to right or up and down if the blinds are vertical, now look at all of the dust that comes off. This is seriously the most efficient way anyone has ever done it.


If your dry cloth isn’t doing the job, just spray some vinegar or and all-purpose cleaner on the blinds as you go along. If the blinds are moving too much just push them towards the window because trying to clean them while they move around can be hard an eventually cause them to break and then you will have to go and buy a brand new window blind and repeat the process in a month or so. 


If that method is hard for you there is another way to do it. You use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, its small and compacted to reach in every corner and it’s flexible as well. You can even use the same tong to hold the eraser if your hands are too big to reach in between the blinds which will happen in most cases.

If you find that the eraser is fall as well just put it right to the end of the tong and leave about three inches off and use the elastic band to hold it in place. Don’t go too tight because it can break or slice the eraser.



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