One of the most amazing tools in your kitchen is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You can use it for a lot of things like removing crayon marks from your walls, for example.


Here are 12 magic eraser uses you probably never thought of. In most of these tips and tricks, I use a cleaning agent along with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (I choose to use Dawn DISH SOAP. It kills grease fast and smells great too. So you can use a cleaning agent with the magic eraser as well to double the cleaning power.


The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is soft enough to clean any surface without damaging it but strong enough to take off dust, dirt, and grease.


Removing Dirt

1. Removing dirt and grime from your computer. It’s hard to reach places between the keys on your keyboard, so it works a lot better than a cloth and safer.


Clean And Shine Silver and Stainless Steel

2. Make all your tarnish silver shine again by giving it a little scrub with the magic eraser.

Clean White Sneakers

3. White Sneakers are dirt magnets every were you go. A magic eraser can have them looking like new again in no time. Just give it a few scrubs it won’t damage the material.


Clean Float Iron

4. If your flat iron needs a good cleaning, you can use the eraser to remove all that hair product that build-up over time. Make sure to do it when it’s cool and not in use. This will be a handy tool for all the ladies to have in their bathrooms.


Clean Window Blinds

5. Your window blinds can be hard to clean and easy to break if you apply any pressure. The magic eraser can remove all of that dirt without a problem.


Just simply push them on the window to get a firm surface to wipe them on. Your window blinds have never looked better after you use it this product and see how easy it is!

Remove Soap Scum

6.  You have soap Scum build up? Magic erasers work great at abolishing soap scum in tubs and showers! This works nicely on grout joints, tile, countertops, and fiberglass . A little bit of scrubbing goes a long way. If you want to get the best result


Clean Dry Erase Board

Clean Dry Erase Boards. When you have a lot of old marker marks left behind on a dry erase board, try rubbing it down with a magic eraser. The surface will be sparkling clean after minimal effort.


Clean Your Grill

8. We loved that barbeque but clean your grill after that can be hard. Especially trying to reach narrow places. Just use it with the cleaning agent you use.


Remove Marks

9.Scuff Marks. Marks on your floor will vanish with the magic eraser. One of the most popular used for Mr. Clean magic erasers is removing scuff marks. Whether the marks are on floors, walls, baseboards, or more, magic erasers get the job done.


Remove Coffee Stain

10.Coffee and Tea Stains. We all have our favorite mug to drink coffee from, and we notice a not so lovely ring around the rim, wipe it down with a magic eraser. The ring will be gone in no time!


Removing Paint

11. Remove Dried Paint. The next time you have paint dried on areas that you didn’t want it to dry on, clean it with a magic eraser. This works great on a variety of hard surfaces like floors, walls, and door hinges.


Clean Your Stove

12. Most of us love cooking and making a wonderful dinner or breakfast, but cleaning the stove afterward can be hectic base on what you cooked. So clean your stovetop with the magic eraser, especially if the stovetop is easily scratched.




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