Floors take on a lot from daily traffic to inevitable spills and mishaps. The best way to clean hardwood floors starts with proper measures to prevent damages and mess to get on the floor from outside, which not only helps protect floors but also cut down on the time you’ll spend cleaning — place floor mats both outside and inside exterior doors to lessen tracked-in dirt.

In snowy or rainy weather, set up a boot removal area to avoid damaging floors. Along with a spot to sit down and a place to store shoes, keep a rag or cleaning cloth tucked away next to the door to quickly clean up errant puddles.


You will need to make sure that the floor doesn’t have any dust on it. So you will need to give it a good vacuum. So under-neat the couch and table will have to be vacuumed because the product that you will be using on it will leave a sheen on the floor and if dust is under-neat, the finish won’t look that great. Let’s get started now


Get a mop and wet it with some water and wipe the floor after you have finish vacuuming. That will take off anything that the vacuum left and also remove marks from dirt etc. Let the floor dry before proceeding to the next step…

This product works magic on the floor Holloway House Quick Sheen High Traffic Hardwood.
Squirt the quick sheen in an S-shape onto your floor twelve inches apart so it can be evenly spread when you wipe.

Now you can use a freshly rinsed mop to wipe the entire floor and leave for 45 minutes to develop its sheen while it drys. Don’t let anyone walk on the floor when you have just finished wiping it, any marks from your foot will remain in the drying process and will be hard to remove after its dry.


You can also use this on any wood surface too, like your kitchen cabinets as well. wooden doors that still has its natural color and lots more. You can use a Swiffer wet jet with this as well, just use a new pad if you don’t have a regular mop at home.

Enjoy the compliments and the look of your floor when it’s done. This is my floor when I’m finished with it.


This is not a product promotion. This just works really well on cleaning natural hardwood floors, most products will leave a build-up on the floor after you use it which after time will make the floor look old and worn out. Someone also stated that they use it on their tiles on the floor and it gives it a glossy look.

Use this on wood that has its natural color, if it’s varnished it will work as well but to get the best result use it on wood like whats in the picture above. By following these tips your floor can look like what’s in the picture and the floor is over 15 years old and looks that good.

All we did is give it a proper wipe each Sunday and wear a house slipper on it.


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