Ever sitting down and looking through your windows and all you can see is dirt and dust. I know most people want to have a clean window and a clean house at the same time, and nothing is wrong with that.

You can clean the house and have it look all amazing, but when you look at your windows, they’re a mess from top to bottom.

It can be hard to clean if you don’t know what you’re doing. But I will show you some tips and tricks that I learn. Your windows will be looking like a pro did it.


Window cleaners can be costly, and if you like to save cash or do stuff yourself, this will make you happy. The simple Windex and paper towel won’t work, especially if the windows are filthy, that will smear around the dirt and dust. This method won’t cost you much for cleaning equipment.


You will need Dawn soap, vinegar, water, and a way to scrub the windows. I use my Libman mop, its handy in every way possible. You can wipe the floor with it, clean your tiles and all that. If you have a small spray bottle, you can add six cups of warm water, a cup of vinegar, and three tablespoons of Dawn Soap.

Make sure to add the dawn last if you’re going to use a spray bottle. If you are using a bucket, you can add them in whatever order you want then mix it. For more windows, you may have to double the mixture.





* First Start by spraying down the windows with water, don’t do too many windows because the water will dry and leave marks and will eventually make it harder to clean when you get to them.



* Use the mop with the soap mixture to scrub down the windows. If you are using the spray bottle, spray the window, then use the mop. You can use the mop to clean the window trims as well. Mr. Clean magic eraser works well too to reach those hard areas.


* Now that you have done that, give the window a good wash with some water and ensure no soap is left on it because when that dries on it it will look nasty. You can use the mop while you wash it off to ensure everything comes off the window, but after that, use water alone to wash it off thoroughly.


* You can either let it air dry or use a microfiber cloth to wipe it down if you want. I would recommend using a paper to just wipe it off.

One that doesn’t leave anything behind because all that hard work to go site down and when you look you see cloth particles all over the window which will be a disaster when it dries on it.


*Do this on a day when it’s not too hot or sunny, so the soap doesn’t dry on the window. If you live where you have winter you can do it on a day when its 45 degrees,It won’t be too cold for you and won’t be too hot for the soap to dry.

Enjoy how clean your windows will look now.


Here is A List Of Everything I Used




* DISH SOAP DAWN ( It removes grease the best)












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