We all love how wooden cabinets look great and last a long time, especially when compared to less appealing alternatives like plastic, But maintaining your cabinets is key to keeping that excellent look.

The easiest and best way to clean wood cabinets is by purchasing an oil-soap wood cleaner. You can buy relatively cheap types at your local store.

On the other hand, you could clean your wooden cabinets using everyday materials you probably already have lying around the house.

Detergent: You can use any oil/grease-cutting dish or laundry detergent and lukewarm water to clean your wood cabinets. Make sure to mix two cups of water with every cup of detergent.

Don’t overwet the cabinets as it could ruin the finish or let it sit on it too long. After applying the cleaning solution, wipe it down with a damp cloth and then wipe down with a separate dry cloth. Repeat the Process if any stains are left.

Vinegar: If you don’t have the detergents, vinegar and water is a valuable substitution because we know everyone has a bottle of vinegar in their kitchen. Vinegar is useful for removing sticky marks, most likely caused by dirty hands.

Baking Soda: The hardest stains should be confronted with baking soda. Create a paste by mixing with water and then wipe it clean with a wet cloth. If the stain remains, use a soft sponge that will not scratch the cabinets.

All-Purpose Cleaner, Not only are these products reliable and potent, but they are also can be used to clean anywhere in your house almost, and most of them come in different scents, and if you don’t want to smell anything that will overwhelm you, they have with just a little smell.


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