We all love that amazing smell after we have given the bathroom a proper clean. Even having a shower feels much better, but that can be difficult to accomplish sometimes. By using these hacks, you will get the satisfaction you need.





Essential Oils

A few drops on a piece of toilet paper. You can hide it anywhere you want in the bathroom, Leaving some on a paper roll folded nicely left in the bathroom will leave a fresher scent for days no matter how much you use it. You can also use the spray.

Having A Diffuser

I love my diffuser so much, that I have 3 downstairs and 1 upstairs in our home and is constantly diffusing essential oils I love.

A diffuser is so easy to use! All you do is fill the diffuser with water, put 3-4 drops of an essential oil in, turn it on and let it carry the scent throughout the house.


Deodorize the carpets

Did you just smell that bad odor from your carpets? No worries, you just need to use some Baking Soda. Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpets and leave it for around 10-15 minutes. Then vacuum it as usual.



Essential oil in bin

Give the garbage bin in your bathroom some help, by adding some nice fragrance to with a few drops of essential oil.


Scented candles

We all know each time we use the toilet  a scent will remain, but a fun hack is to light a scented candle. The candle will leave a pleasant smelling aroma no matter what you do.

For a plus, you can leave the candle burning in the bathroom to have it smelling that way each time you step in. A natural scented candle will top it off in my preference.




Another hack for your toilet is the use of vinegar, yes the vinegar you use to cook with. By pouring a cup in the tank of the toilet and give it about five flashes, the toilet will be left smelling fresh. You can leave it in for a while if the stain remains or use a brush to help.



Make your Own air freshener

Make your own frugal and inexpensive mason jar air freshener. All you will need are some cotton balls, essential oil, and a mason jar. This is very easy and simple to make.

Put the cotton balls into the mason jar, then put some essential oil on them. Use an essential oil that you will enjoy smelling.

You can keep this jar of cotton balls and essential closed in your bathroom and open it when you are ready to use the bathroom and get some nice fragrance in the air.


Smelly Towels

Most of us use towels if not all of us do, but the more they get used to dry, the more they get wet and hold there moisture, and if that’s left for more than three days, they will start to have an odor.

It all depends on how often you wash your towels as well. You can put the towels in the dryer for about 20 minutes, and they will come out dry without any Oder.

If you wash once per week, you can put the towels in the dryer twice for the week.




Whenever you shower, you should have the vent on to get rid of that moisture to prevent a mole. Not just only when you shower, you should have it on.

Also during the day open your window to let in fresh air to circulate in the bathroom. Clean the fan vent every six weeks to have the fan work to its full potential.




All that mess on the wall and floor or around the toilet is to tell you to please clean me. The build-up of all that mess can spread bacteria as well, so cleaning the bathroom as much as you can.

Especially when more than one person is using it. Not only is that proper general maintenance, but it’s also should help to reduce odors daily.



Gain Fireworks

Take off the top of the toilet tank and pour 1/4 of the cover filled in the tank and let it sit for about half-hour. It will dissolve in the water, and you won’t even have to flush to smell it.

From you open the door, the scent hits you. A small bottle of Gain cost 3.50$, and if you pour 1/4 per day for the week, it can last you up to 2 weeks or more.


Using your body wash

Your favorite body wash can be used as well, pour a small amount in the tank of your toilet. That coconut or whatever scent body wash you use will always be there whenever you flush and after.

Laundry Detergent

Take the top off your toilet and pour a cup of detergent in it. The detergent will settle in the bottom of the tank, and each time you flush, you will smell a sweet scent.

The tank of the toilet doesn’t use all the water when it’s flushed. The detergent will remain in it for some time. Base on how frequently you use the toilet. You can use your body wash as well.




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