We all have a little bottle of hydrogen peroxide in our first aid kit. In this post, I will show you and teach you the many ways you can use hydrogen peroxide to help you in everything you do daily. It’s not just put on cuts and scratches for daily actives we may do that will cause them.


Teeth Whitening

Your teeth either gives you an elegant look or a nasty one and we all love a beautiful smile. To get rid of that plaque on your teeth, all you have to do is mix baking soda with some hydrogen peroxide and make your toothpaste at home which is a frugal way if you like those stuff. Brush daily with it and see the results in no time.


Grout Whitener

Whiten bathtub grout. First, dry the walls properly so the hydrogen peroxide doesn’t get mix with the water and not work properly, then spray it with hydrogen peroxide.

Let it sit. It may bubble slightly for a little while, then come back and scrub the grout with an old toothbrush or brush. You may have to repeat the process a few times.


Cleaning Stains

When you spill food on your favorite attire, carpet etc and worried about how to remove the stain? Well, no worries as we have a way out! Soak a paper towel in hydrogen peroxide and rub onto the stain until it lightens. Wash off the cloth then, and you’ll be astonished to see the result.


Cleaning Glass

Hydrogen peroxide is a fantastic glass cleaner that will leave no marks. Spay some onto the mirrors and windows in your home and rub with a soft cloth and it will look brand new again. Spray one window at a time.

Cleaning Toothbrushes

Do you think just washing your toothbrush with plain water is enough to remove all the bacteria that gathers on it after you brush your teeth? Next time leave your toothbrush in water mix with Hydrogen Peroxide or pour some on it.

popping balloons

This is a fun little hack, just spray a little wd 40 on a ballon and two seconds later you will hear it pop. Some of us are scared to pop it and hear it, so just spray the wd 40 on a spot and you will have enough time to move away while they pop.


Frozen Lock

Its winter and locks on the outside may get frozen because just a small amount of water inside will get frozen. This will not allow the key to go in. Don’t start thinking that your going to cut the lock off, simply just spray some wd 40 inside and that will dissolve any ice.


Clean Fruits And Vegetable

Washing your fruits and vegetables with water alone will not properly clean them, water doesn’t kill bacteria just like that, something has to be added or just make the water hot enough.

Place the fruits in a bowl and pour some hydrogen peroxide on them, then add some water and wash them off. You can now set the faucet to hot and give them a final wash.


Cleaning Your sink

If you have a sink at home that needs some cleaning, pour some hydrogen peroxide in it and get a sponge. Put a little elbow in it, and you will see the magic that happens.

I had this sink in my basement, tried everything to make it this clean from the stains it had, but a good 3 minutes Scrubbing with hydrogen peroxide did this.

Clearing Build Up of things in your sink or drain.

Other than cleaning your sink like in the picture above. By pouring some in the drain or sink will kill any odor and build-up of any bacteria in there.

Doing this once a month is a good practice to ensure you have clean drains, especially in the shower. All that grease and dirt is coming off our body and slowly building up in those drains.


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