We all use Rubbing Alcohol in some way. It has many different uses around your house, including as a cleaner, stain remover, disinfectant. Because of the many uses for rubbing alcohol, you will save money and make your life much easier.



1 Removing fingernail polish

The typical nail polish remover often contains harsh chemicals acetone, which can damage your nails. You may even start feeling nauseous from the fumes,

but pure rubbing alcohol is one possible alternative. It will take longer, but your nails won’t be that damaged.


2 Air Freshener

Mixing together rubbing alcohol with 10 to 15 drops of essential oil. You can spay it on whatever you want as long as it doesn’t damage the material. Play the item somewhere where it can dry fast and properly.


3 Cleaning Jewelry

Restore the glory to your jewelry by soaking them in alcohol before cleaning. That will clean up anything on them. Place them in the mixture for just a while to make them soak before you clean them.


4 Kill bed bug

Kill any bugs on your bed by spaying some alcohol over it and allowing it to dry for a period of time. You should vacuum when it finishes drying.


5 Clean permanent marker marks

If we have kids we all know what can happen when we take our eyes off them for a second with crayons or markers. Especially if the marker is a permanent one. You will dry so many things to get it off but nothing will really work.

Here is what you should do, go in your bathroom get the rubbing alcohol and apply it to the area, let it sit for a minute then you just give it a wipe with a cloth or sponge.


6 Remove grease and stains

If there are stains on your carpet and you’re trying to remove it and that won’t work simply apply some alcohol to the area and use a brush to get out the stain.


7 Cleaning Sponges And Kitchen Cloth

Cleaning your sponges and kitchen cloth can be hard if you do not like to use bleach. Just soak the kitchen cloth and sponge  in some rubbing alcohol and leave it for a while.

You don’t have to cover it totally, just enough to allow the sponge or the cloth to soak it up. After 10 minutes or so the sponge and kitchen cloth will be clean.


8 Removing Frost From Your  Car Windows 

Its winter season and you might not have a remote start on your car or just want to defrost the windows fast.

Mix one part rubbing alcohol and five parts water in a spray bottle and spray each windows and give them a wipe with a cloth. You can repeat this step each week to keep up the look of your windows when it’s finished.



9 Cleaning your skin

If your an adult or teenager, especially a teenager you will know how it feels to have that problem of having acne because your not cleaning your face right.

Face cleaning products can be expensive to buy so just go buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol and use it to clean your face the same as how you would use pro-active.


10 Clean Your glasses

If you have glasses you see that dirt may build up over time on it fast or slow depending on what you do and where you work. Just wiping it won’t help so if the glasses don’t have any coating on it you can use the rubbing alcohol on it.


11 Removing Hair Spray

Not all of us use hair spray but when we do use it, it’s in the bathroom we use it. It will leave grease and stains all over the mirror if your not careful and will be hard to remove afterward if left on it for a period of time.

Simply just spray some rubbing Alcohol all over the mirror and give it a wipe with a microfiber cloth.


12 Cleaning Stainless steel Furniture

Use a soft microfiber cloth with some rubbing alcohol sprayed on it  and clean your stainless steel furniture.

This is an effective method because it will leave no marks after you wipe and it removes fingerprint marks which is great and also give them a sheen as-well. The Alcohol will dry instantly to prevent any marks


13  Instant relief

Alcohol is all that you need for immediate relief, due to its disinfectant, soothing, properties. Having a stuffy nose or a swelling? Just smell the alcohol for a while.

Get a cloth and wet it in warm water, then add some alcohol to it. This will help bring down any swelling. You can keep the rag with you to smell to clear your nose.



14 Sticky Residue and Getting rid of fruit flies

To remove, soak the area for a few minutes in rubbing alcohol before wiping it away. To kill, spray the flies with a fine mist of rubbing alcohol.


 15 Muscle relieve

Here’s a surprising use for rubbing alcohol: ease muscle pain. Had a long exercise? Just rub some on the muscle. It works the same as ICY-HOT and its inexpensive.


16 Clean Your Toilet

Just spray a small amount of alcohol on your toilet seat and wipe it off to kill any bacteria on it. Make sure to wipe it off properly before you sit down. To clean, use a damp rag to wipe away dust and grime off anything you see in the house clean as you go along.


Making Your own Cleaning Agent 

Mix together one part rubbing alcohol one part water. You can use this to clean  your point of contact and clean areas that are touched the most, like the light switch and door handles.









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